“Blog” is short for “web log” – basically, a kind of website that the “owner” adds to regularly (or not so regularly). This format also usually allows vistors to the site to make comments on the posts. The interesting discussions that get generated can create a community of people all interested in the topic of the blog – in this case,  what inspires us about where we live.  I hope you enjoy this feature!



There are a few options for you to be able to know when there’s a new post:

1 – Subscribe to receive emails. By selecting this option you’ll receive an email whenever there is a post. Just click on “Email Subscription” under the “Good Stuff” menu on the right side of this (or any) page.

2 – Subscribe via RSS (Real Simple Syndication).  Just click on the orange box in the sidebar. This is a tool that lets you “subscribe” to your favorite websites and blogs and collects all the new posts in one place so you don’t have to go traipsing all over the web to get updates.  It sounds very complicated to the uninitiated, but it’s really quite simple, and worth it if there are a few blogs you enjoy following. Here’s a great article from Stephanie Quilao’s blog, called “How to Explain RSS the Oprah Way.”

3 – Bookmark the site and come back to visit it regularly.


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6 responses

25 06 2008

Alison me parece una gran idea lo que estas haciendo gracias por promover nuestra ciudad y dejarno saber los lugares hermosos e interesantes en el area de la bahia. Saludos.

26 06 2008
Tallulah Sulis

Hi Alison!! Great site! I’m all about finding amazing hidden gems and funky thrills in the city. Any possibility you might be able to blog about my film, Divine Nectar? I don’t know if you’re just blogging about places, but if you ever recommend erotic education films, please let me know!!! I would love to send you a promo copy of the film if you have never seen it before.
Lots of Love,
Juicy Mama Productions

26 06 2008
Dr Cory


26 06 2008
Diane J

I have been thinking about you often & lo and behold your gorgeous blog. It’s visually stunning and such A GREAT IDEA!!! Hope all is well. Blessings,
Diane J.

15 08 2008

Hi Alison,

Looking forward to getting your blog! Thanks. Kim ( I just started doing my own — test version is The entries are just practice runs. ) Your blog is great!

15 08 2008

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kimberlyn! Awesome company you have! Are you in SF?

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