Feng Shui

How could your home better reflect who you are and support you in your life? 

I can help you move from chaos, unclarity or uncertainty to having a home you absolutely love being in. 


What is feng shui?

Most of us want more flow in our lives.  And when we don’t want that, we want things to just be still. The ancient taoist art and science of feng shui offers us the opportunity to regulate these two movements – flow and stillness – in all areas of our lives by making changes to our physical environments. 


Feng shui has nothing to do with imposing solutions that don’t make sense or demanding that we adopt belief systems that are foreign to us. It’s about creating relationships between ourselves and our belongings and surroundings, about balancing the energies between our environments and ourselves.


My expertise is in classical feng shui, which means that I understand the principles behind common feng shui advice.  When we work together, we take into consideration all the personal and place-specific factors involved and find solutions that will give you what you want. I want you to feel wonderful in your home, not have something that looks like it’s obviously been “feng-shui’d.”

For free articles and other information about my unique coaching-style approach to feng shui, visit my website, www.InsideOutDesignCoaching.com.

I love talking to people about their homes and living situations, and I welcome your call.  Please be in touch!  You can reach me at 415-452-9814 or alison@InsideOutDesignCoaching.com

   I hope to hear from you soon!



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