Ellen’s Delightful Deck

31 01 2009

img_2258Here’s a wonderful corner on the deck of a client’s Walnut Creek home. Together with landscape architect Susan Friedman, Ellen Looyen created this magical wall in her small outdoor space.



Magical Morning Window

10 11 2008

I love telling people about my chair. This is where I go every morning to listen to the birds and talk to the trees, to read, write, doodle, highlight, plan, meditate, sketch, and do anything else that will help me start the day right, connected and tuned in to what’s really important. (Do I sound California or what?)

Here’s the view from my chair during that magical moment when the sunlight has just appeared.

How do YOU start your day?  Comment below…

Owl in the Window

22 07 2008

One of my favorite things about my job as a feng shui consultant is that I get to go into peoples’ homes and see how people live. And one of my favorite things about seeing how people live is noticing those unique, precious sacred “moments in space” that could only come about through the alchemy of combining that particular person with that particular place.

This sweet view sang to me. I took the picture at a consultation in a Berkeley home last month.

Send me a pic of your favorite sweet spot (I’m at alison@InsideOutDesignCoaching.com). I’d love to share more of these with you all.


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