Bernal Heights Sock Exchange

31 12 2008


If Bernal Heights were still how it was 20 years ago, we might be seeing a needle exchange here. Or if it were closer to the Financial District we might find a stock exchange. Today, though, this sweet neighborhood – my first when I moved to San Francisco in 1995, and which I still want to call “home” – is host to the Bernal Heights Sock Exchange, and it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect here.

Next time you’re looking for that missing sock – or have a few to offer – head on over to the Bernal Bubbles laundromat on the south end of the Cortland Avenue main drag. You just might have some luck!



Bike for Christmas, anyone?

24 12 2008

bike-sort-of-lockedFrom the good people over at San Francisco Citizen – a bike locked up (umm….) at the Green Festival a few weeks ago.

The Man from Marin

27 10 2008

A hysterical nod to our friends in the north.


If there were a Man or Woman from San Francisco, what should they sing about?  Comment below.

My Favorite Road Sign Ever

9 09 2008

According to the folks over at The San Francisco Citizen, this sign was put up (officially – I love San Francisco) where Bush Street ends at Presidio Avenue, just a few weeks after ours truly was sworn in. I wish it had worked sooner.


15 08 2008

This photo on SFist today made me chuckle.

San Francisco City Hall

18 06 2008


Enough said.