You know those moments when you get surprised by something beautiful and unexpected and have to say to yourself, “Thank you, God/Goddess/ Whatever!”? 


That is what this blog is about.


This is the “spirit” in “Spirit in the City.”  These moments might happen at Green Gulch Farm or Sha’ar Zahav or the Unitarian Universalist Center or the Spiritual Enrichment Center or Spirit Rock, or any one of the hundreds of spiritual institutions that dot the Bay Area.  But they’re just as likely to be found as we traipse through our days and stumble upon unexpected gems that just make us happy.


Buckle up as we saunter around San Francisco and the Bay Area hunting down moments and places that enliven our spirits. They might be well-known and obvious or off the beaten track, indoors or out, free or not-so-free. No rules – just what I like that makes me happy enough to share with you.


PLEASE: write in with your ideas!  Send photos and videos! Respond to the posts and tell us your stories of the places you see here.


See you out there!


One response

27 06 2008
Elizabeth Young

Hello, Alison-
It was great to meet you and your blog is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.

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