About Alison

Are you a wild, funky, fun, spiritually-oriented, independent, free spirited, thoughtful, sexy, conscious, life lovin’, bright, deep, interesting, interested, visionary, open-minded, introspective, adventuresome, authentic, evolving, passionate, urban cowgirl?  Me too!

I’m also obsessed with the power of place.  I work with people in their homes and work spaces all the time to help them create environments that support them in all their uniqueness and move them toward their deepest, juiciest, most important desires in life.

I’d love to talk with you about your own dreams, and how your home can become a better place for you.

For more information, and to get your free report, “Ten Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less to Turn Your Home Into Your Haven,” visit me at www.InsideOutDesignCoaching.com.  You can reach me directly at alison@InsideOutDesignCoaching.com or 415-452-9814.

p.s. – Cowboys welcome, too!

More about Alison:

I moved to San Francisco in 1995 from a pueblo in New Mexico, where I’d lived for a couple years while working at an independent bookstore in Albuquerque.  Originally from Cincinnati, I’d already lived a good, full life by the time I got here at the ripe age of 26. My early years look something like this: grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati. Promptly left after high school for a year as an exchange student in Honduras. Returned to try to make sense of the world through lots of sociology classes and quickly got involved in all kinds of activism.

Notable moments from college and beyond include working with refugees on the US/Mexico border in Brownsville, TX, getting arrested in front of the White House while protesting US policy in El Salvador, getting surrounded by military police and tear-gassed at a protest in Chile, being sequestered for a week in my home in Honduras while the country was in a state of emergency, helicopters flying overhead and cars on fire just blocks away, making several speeches in front of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, translating between the Mothers of the Disappeared and Peter Gabriel and Jackson Brown at an Amnesty International concert in Santiago, Chile, in Bolivia convening a group of women from all walks of life all over the world to find and celebrate our commonalities, hanging out with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, going to Cuba legally, and taking over the UN headquarters in Geneva and participating in ritual with several hundred indigenous people from every part of the globe. Not quite what my parents signed up for. (But they sure have been good troopers!)

Fifteen years ago I came to SF to attend graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). I had already learned that things in the world are usually not what they seem on the surface, and that even whatever I think is going on behind the curtain is usually way off base. In those rich two years I was in school, I also really got it that to change the world I have to change myself. I continued my spiritual quests that I’d embarked on in New Mexico, and in addition to my classes, I took tons of workshops of many different flavors (which I continue to do), and got trained in all kinds of interesting and useful things. In 1996, I became a life coach through my studies at the best-of-the-best (in my book) coaches training program, CTI.

My degree is in Organizational Development and Transformation, which is basically all about helping organizations of people improve their individual and collective experiences and productivity. Ok, maybe that sounds a little dry, but to me it is a truly exciting study of what makes people tick. Some of the most profound studies I pursued while at CIIS were Deep Ecology and lots of classes in Systems Theory, which Wikipedia says is “an interdisciplinary field of science and the study of the nature of complex systems in nature, society and science.” (They are brave – I’d need several pages to say that!)  Basically, my MA is all about the fact that “individuals” are really defined much more by the systems and environments they are part of than by any other factor.

I spent most of the ten years after grad school working and volunteering for nonprofit organizations here in San Francisco: as the Executive Director of a Jewish Renewal congregation, as the Director of Community Service Programs at the local Volunteer Center, and as the Interim Executive Director of the Haight Ashbury Food Program. I was also on the board of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services for six years.

A few years ago I started a serious study of how our environments – both personal and public – affect us, and how we can honor and celebrate them while we consciously use them to our advantage. I’ve studied and played in interior design, environmental psychology, energy work, sacred places, space clearing, dowsing, color, natural building and remodeling, green furnishings, aromatherapy, sacred geometry, geomancy, space and land healing, house blessings and rituals, and little bits of many other things. In 2005, I started my business, Inside Out Design Coaching, to work with people in these arenas. After an intensive course of study, I was certified in 2007 as a Classical Feng Shui Consultant. In the last couple years, I wrote two books, The Little Book of Sanctuary and The Little Book of Freedom From Clutter.

Today, my life is rich and I find my inspiration everywhere.  I have many, many favorite books, teachers, places, paths, friends, gatherings, artists, websites, ideas, inspirations. And there’s little I love more than finding more of them, and sharing what I know with bright, open, willing people who are hungry to live their best lives. I bring all of who I am to the workshops and classes I teach, and to my work with clients.  And now I bring it all to this blog. Welcome to my world! I envision an online space that is exciting for people like us to read and be a part of. I hope you enjoy it, and I invite you to respond to posts in this blog and write in with your own gems.

For more information about my work, visit www.InsideOutDesignCoaching.com.

Invite me to join your network on LinkedIn.

Drop me a line at alison@InsideOutDesignCoaching.com.


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28 07 2008
Keysi Montás


You are amazing!

Un beso

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