Those floors! Skipping at the Embarcadero Center

16 11 2008

Embarcadero Center floor


I’ve always loved the tiled floors at the Embarcadero Center downtown… they are very cool, don’t you think!

I just did a little research about this place that I’ve pretty much taken for granted (except for the floors) for 13 years.  Did you know it has over four million (**gasp!!!**) square feet of office and retail space built on 8.5 acres, right in the heart of the old Barbary Coast. My favorite spot there, of course, is the cinema, which shows art, foreign and alternative films. (My advice: get there WAY early on weekend nights if you actually want a seat and aren’t just there to admire the floors.)  Pretty decent Indian food at Gaylord’s, too. I’ve even been salsa dancing on those floors – in my book, not recommended for ladies with heels!

What’s YOUR favorite spot at the Embarcadero Center? Comment below…


Who knew? Train through the Mission

11 11 2008


Thanks (yet again!) to Mission Mission for the heads up on this a wonderful online display showing where the Southern Pacific Railroad used to run diagonally across the grid of Mission streets. Go to the display site for an oversized version to scroll around and see some great photos (be patient while it loads – it’s worth the wait!). The tracks beyond Valencia were removed in 1942. If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you can follow the map and you’ll understand why a lot of things are the way they are.  Incredible!

Magical Morning Window

10 11 2008

I love telling people about my chair. This is where I go every morning to listen to the birds and talk to the trees, to read, write, doodle, highlight, plan, meditate, sketch, and do anything else that will help me start the day right, connected and tuned in to what’s really important. (Do I sound California or what?)

Here’s the view from my chair during that magical moment when the sunlight has just appeared.

How do YOU start your day?  Comment below…

Signs of Change

4 11 2008

Here’s my NEW favorite street sign, courtesy of the good people over at SFist. This street USED to be called Bush:


Love the green light!


For those who missed the past post, this was my favorite street sign before today: