Sandtray Room in Stinson Beach

31 08 2008

On the left-hand side of the main road when you’re just coming into Stinson Beach (at 3415 Highway 1), there’s a sweet little shop called The Healing Arts Store, full of books and art and all kinds of feel-good paraphernalia. It was just what I needed to welcome me into my mini-vacation last Saturday.

Just outside, my attention got pulled to a shed with an open door. On further investigation, I found out it’s a sandtray room – just sitting there open to whomever wants to visit. Sandtray is a form of expressive arts therapy that helps people give expression to things that don’t lend themselves easily to words. Basically, there’s a table with a box built on top that’s full of sand. All around on the walls are shelves and shelves of all kinds of miscellaneous items you can put in a basket and bring to the table. Once you’ve gathered what’s calling to you, you just start putting them down, moving things around, letting out whatever wants to emerge, telling some story that comes from deep inside.

The rest of the small grounds were lovely, too, with delightful surprises everywhere I looked. This is another one of those places that makes me so appreciative of the people who love something or some place so much that they offer it up to all the rest of us souls wandering around without expectation of anything in return. Thank you for the gift!

The same woman who runs The Healing Arts Store also has a wonderful and beautiful online resource, The Arts and Healing Network, that has tons of information on all things related to the healing potential of art.





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31 08 2008
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2 09 2008

Thanks so much for posting about this wonderful place to visit in Stinson Beach! It is so rare these days to have sweet little opportunities like this appear in our lives that don’t cost anything!

I have the wonderful opportunity of working for the website that Marion founded and I have visited the bookstore many times. Both are wonderful resources, for local Bay Area people and for those around the world, interested in art and healing!



29 09 2008

Hi Alison- Great website- Love the Sparkle woman and I also love this place that you found- Have bought some wonderful crafts ( a dream catcher for one) there, a toning CD, and a few cards plus some medicine for my throat~ A real treasure trove in such a lovely spot~ See you sometime soon, maybe Weds next weekat noon~
Mary C.
ps Our meditative CD “Seraphim Winter” can be found at the wheelhouse site listed above~

29 09 2008

Hey Mary – Wow… I just took a break from Loreena McKennitt to check out your music… eerily similar! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing…

For those who can’t see the site, here it is:

10 11 2008

hi alison,
thank you so much for this post!
what a simple, lovely, wonderful place and it looks it in the pictures!
i do sandplay myself, and have fallen in love with how simple and engaging this little room looks. i’ve just put the photo up on my desktop to inspire me to create a room just like it.

ps. i really like what you did with the art on your header, a collage of different colorful stuff. i’d like to do a collage of art therapy works just like that, for my blog. can you tell me how you did it?

thanks again and more power in your work,

10 11 2008

Thanks Peachy!

This post gets sweeter with time for me.

Nicole at did the design. She did an amazing promo card for me, and I pulled the graphics off for the blog header. See They are actually all (well, ALMOST all) snippets from my own personal photos.


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