Aging Beautifully

21 08 2008

Yesterday I gave my Aunt Peggy, visiting from NYC, a quickie insider’s tour of our town. In Hayes Valley, we stumbled on an interesting storefront 580 Hayes Street and decided to check it out. Inside, we found two delightful, hopeful, inspiring photography and art exhibits about aging.

First, Faces of Aging is a photo exhibit full of inspirational quotes and other thought-provoking, heart-moving tidbits. Here’s what they say:

Faces of Aging challenges our dominant cultural view of beauty by looking at the old and very old face in new ways. What if we couldn’t wait to be old, like a child can’t wait to be an adult?”


I could have spent hours absorbing the life stories of the artists in the other show, ELDERGIVERS’ Art With Elders Annual Exhibit. (Unfortunately, we were on the whirlwind tour.) Each artist is lovingly highlighted in a frame with their art work, photo, and a few paragraphs about their life. The diversity and depth and humor is so beautiful it makes my heart ache.

Boogie on over there soon. The show is on through August 31. Sun & Wed-Thurs, 12-6pm; Fri-Sat, 2-9pm.

 What exhibits in SF have you loved?




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