18th and Treat Street Studios

19 08 2008

Glory! I started this blog to be able to share my excitement about people and places just like this! Last Thursday, at the behest of my friend, urban cowgirl, mistress of all that is good, and Spiritual Coach Elka Vera, I attended an open house a ActivSpace, aka the 18th and Treat Street Studios, where she has a new office.

And I mean new! Elka is one of 60+ tenants in this brand-spanking new complex erected by Seattle-based ActivSpace at, well, the corner of 18th and Treat Streets in the Mission. It’s an eclectic collection of entrepreneurs, practitioners, craftspeople, retailers, artists, artisans, consultants, designers, galleries, healers and more, all in one place.

Mark your calendar, because this was just the first of many “2nd Thursday Open Houses,” which will happen on, well, the second Thursday of each month from 5:00-8:00pm.


Who do YOU know in the 18th and Treat Street Studios?  Tell us about them!




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20 08 2008
elka vera

Thanks for sharing the love about ActivSpace, Alison. It really is one of those uniquely San Franciscan gems.

Here are some of the other groovy peeps who came out and played at the Open House:


A special tip of the hat to Zabrina Tipton, whose organizing really brought this Open House to life.

And thanks to Kimberly at SkinSALVATION who helped me get my facial glow on before the event.

Come by next month and meet good people doing good work.

20 08 2008
Prudy Kohler

Hey Alison–
Yep…the 18th and Treat Studios include some innovative, fascinating activities and people.

Just a note on one of those listed by Elka: ART FOR LUNCH. I’m the founder/owner and I’m having a great time offering hands-on arts workshops for team building in corporate offices and at parties.

I bring all the materials and equipment and I set-up in an office conference room, kitchen, hotel meeting space, or other work space. People LOVE getting away from their computers and phones for a creative experience, which is geared to about 75 minutes, but can be longer if desired. Participants learn a technique; they assist each other; they interact in new ways; and they leave with a finished (beautiful!) piece of art work. While I can provide a variety of techniques–photo transfer, collage, etc.–the most popular one right now is Polaroid transfer. Participants start with their own photo (or ones I provide) and transform it into a beautiful, manipulated print…complete with mat. They Lots of examples on my website: http://www.artforlunch.com. Or people can work together on a group collage to explore a company’s meeting “theme” (e.g. diversity in the work place, growth, change/transitions).

This is a perfect activity for a group retreat, a party, or any other kind of group activity. Among many clients are Amgen, Kaiser Permanente, Sierra Ventures, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department, Women’s Foundation, etc. (the website lists them all).

And, now that I’ve moved into the 18th and Treat Studios, I offer workshops in my studio space there…limited to 1- 2 people at a time, so there is lots of personal attention.

Check it all out at http://www.artforlunch.com.

20 08 2008
Gravel & Gold « Spirit In The City

[…] worn and artsy and plain and wonderful. Located on Treat Street at 18th (in the ActivSpace studios I just blogged about), Gravel & Gold is tiny but jam-packed with interesting things to fondle and buy. Here’s […]

20 05 2010

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