13 08 2008


I guess I politely dismissed Frida Kahlo a while ago because she was everywhere. She was, frankly, pretty cliche. Cool and angsty, but not really for me. I had studied Mexican women’s history, art and literature, lived and traveled in Latin America, and absolutely loved the movie, “Frida.” But she still didn’t quite do it for me.

My visit to the Frida exhibit at the MOMA changed all that. Have you been? It’s so good! 

First of all, how incredible to see all those famous works in person. It’s like when I went to the Bridge School Concert a few years ago and saw Paul McCartney perform. I would have never bought a ticket to see him, but there he was, and oh-my-god, it was that voice that’s been singing those songs that have been with me my whole life. They come from an actual person, and that person is right here! Well, those paintings were right there at the MOMA.

The show was brilliantly curated. I have a real sense of who she was and what she did and why. As an imperfect and sensitive woman myself, I could relate.

This exhibit is especially great for those of us who live here. Part of it is set in San Francisco, the backdrop for part of Frida and Diego’s lives for several important years. By the end of the exhibit, I was hungry to know a more and more about the subtleties of the woman behind the art, and was mesmerized by the photo gallery and video showing her with Diego.

All of this is to say that if you haven’t been yet, be sure to check it out before the exhibit ends on September 28.



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14 08 2008
Claire Schrader

You’ve inspired me to go! Thank you!

7 09 2008
feng shui art

feng shui art…

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