Famous for Eating Tacos

23 07 2008

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re waiting for your friend to show up for dinner. A couple nights ago I was ouside Pancho Villa Taqueria on 16th Street (between Mission and Valencia) when a news crew showed up to do a story about salmonella-tainted jalapaNos. Lucky me!

By the way, my vote for best burrito has always gone to Pancho Villa. When I was there the other night, though, I had truly the BEST BURRITO EVER. I think the secret is getting it with refried beans – the regular pinto kind, not refried black beans. Yum! Oh, and mild salsa this time (no jalapeNos 😉 ).

Here’s one of my favorite photo sequences of my Uncle Ernie in Pancho Villa a few years ago.



What’s YOUR favorite burrito in town?




3 responses

30 07 2008

Oh man. Now I want a burrito.

I’ve started a list of places to go and rediscover the next time I’m in San Francisco!

3 08 2008
Alemany Farmers’ Market: Farmers in the City, Take 1 « Spirit In The City

[…] great place to live if, like me, you care about eating healthy, local, organic food (in between the trips to the taqueria, of course!). There are several great farmers markets around town, where one or two days a week, […]

7 08 2008

Those pics are so cute! I haven’t given this taqueria a try, yet, but I’m feeling the need to check it out…

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