New England Vacation in San Francisco

21 07 2008

I’m not getting away this summer. So good thing my friend Donna finally persuaded me to have dinner last week at Woodhouse Fish Company. I’ve been hearing about it and passing it by for a few years since it replaced Cafe Cuvee in the Castro. I thought is was some upscale fish place, and was so delighfully surprised that it was more low-key and I actually felt for a few moments like I was on vacation in a New England village rather than sitting on Market Street (at 14th) staring at Safeway and watching traffic go by.

Our server was delightful, the food came fast, and it was DELISH. Here’s the confession – it’s not really the healthy kind of fish place. It was more like deep fried everything. But GOOD deep fried, if you know what I mean. You did know that authentic foods have less calories than their fast food counterparts, didn’t you?

BTW – Donna got the do-it-yourself lemonade… they bring out all the ingredients – lemon juice, simple syrup, water – and you get to mix it to your taste.  Fun and yummy.

What’s your favorite vacation-getaway-in-a-meal spot?



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