Duck Rescue at McLaren Park

13 07 2008

McLaren Park definitely ranks with me as one of the City’s hidden gems. It’s the second largest city-owned park in San Francisco (after Golden Gate Park), but most people who live here have never even heard of it. I know because I live right by it!

The thing I love about this park is that it has some wildness to it, while being firmly set in the city. Some other time I’ll write about all the features of the park and some of my favorite spots there. For now, I’ll share about something that happened in the corner of the park I know best, Lake McNab, aka “The Duck Pond.” 

A couple weeks ago I was walking the dog there when I met a woman, Elizabeth, who was intently watching two new ducks who’d come to the lake.  These weren’t baby ducks (of which there are plenty this year. And they are cute!) They were a large black duck and a white duck – Muscovies, she told me, who’d been dumped there by someone who no longer wanted them as pets.

Elizabeth, from Mickaboo Bird Rescue, was there to determine how they were doing, and see if they would be able to thrive in a less domesicated environment than they were used to.  (I checked again today, and so far, they seem to be doing well!) You can check out her account of the afternoon – and see some other really great birds – on her blog, The Rescue Report.

What’s your favorite “wild spot” in the City?





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24 08 2008
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[…] a couple months back I shared about the aborted duck rescue in at Lake McNab in McLaren Park?  Just up the hill, through some trees, also in my stomping […]

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