9 07 2008

A few years ago my friend Clover stumbled across a restaurant in the Mission on its opening day, ate there three days in a row, and wouldn’t stop talking about it until I agreed to join her for dinner there on day #5.

And I understand why! In those days, Medjool was less crowded but just as yummy as it is today. Featuring delicious small plates from three distinct

Photo by Malcojojo (flickr)

Photo by Malcojojo (flickr)

regions – North Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East – Medjool is one restaurant, but it offers so many different food experiences. 

It also offers different kinds of dining experiences. The main dining room is large and airy, with bold colors and and exotic lighting and fixtures. Upstairs, there’s a balcony for large groups whose style is more “colorful hip.” Everyone’s favorite place, though, is the Sky Terrace on the roof, where in addition to Medjool’s great food and drink, you get a unique view of San Francisco.

What’s YOUR favorite experience at Medjool?




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