Spencer & Daniel’s? WTF?!

27 06 2008


I was just at the The Bargain Bank on Polk about a month ago. Have you ever been there? I used to work around the corner on California Street, and loved to stop by on my lunch break and see what was new. There was some dreck, to be sure, but it was always worth the trip. They had some great stuff for sale at ridiculously low prices… upscale cosmetics, cheapy kitchen stuff, gourmet chocolate, imported bath salts. Readers of both the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly named this store the best place to find a bargain in the Bay Area!

They also sell wine and other alcohol. So I guess that’s why when I went to check them out today I found out that they remodeled and changed their name to Spencer & Daniel’s Wine Outlet. Same management, same staff, same stock, new marketing strategy. They also say they’re located in Nob Hill, which is a bit of a stretch. But if they keep giving us good stuff at great prices, I’ll let them get away with it.

What’s your favorite place to find a bargain in the Bay Area?



2 responses

7 07 2008

just a clarification. they have two locations (I think the one they’re saying is Nob Hill is on Polk street.) I used to go here for little stuff when I lived on 11th and Clement. after I moved, I never bothered to go back. until, I got the inside scoop a few years back. the Bargain Bank got a ton of really nice wine at great prices due to Katrina — it came from all the wine stores and restaurants in New Orleans that had to close down. I’m not sure if they’re still getting great deals anymore (it’s been a few years now), but it’s still interesting!

9 07 2008

Thanks for the comment – I didn’t know that about where they got the wine from. When I first found the Bargain Bank, their merchandise was from some dot coms that had gone belly-up (like eve.com and ethnicgrocers.com).

They used to have three locations, including the one on Clement, but now they’re down to just the one on Polk Street.

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