Numi Tea Garden

23 06 2008


I once met a guy who was really into tea. He’d spend hundreds of dollars to import special teas from Asia and would offer an elaborate tea tasting to anyone who was interested. I was interested, but honestly, I couldn’t tell much difference. I’m glad there are people who do this – I’m not one of them.

Then a few weeks ago I found the Numi Tea Garden. Maybe it should be called the “New-Me” Tea Garden, because I have a new appreciation for special teas.

numi teasAfter getting lost with my sister in industrial Oakland, we found it. The environment could use some feng shui help (wink, wink), but they get points for trying. And everything else was great! We got there at the end of the day and were the only ones in the place. The receptionist also turned out to be our server, a friendly woman who was happy to answer all our questions about the teas and the traditional Chinese tea service she brought us. I ordered the Puerh Mini Tuocha Green Tea and felt like I’d just discovered a new continent. We also got a cheese plate to die for (get the soft cheeses!).

This is a fun and novel place to take out-of-town guests, or just to go and enjoy yourself. Bottoms up!


What’s your favorite tea experience?

Here’s another post on Numi Tea Garden.



8 responses

24 06 2008

Too bad you live in California… I would have loved to try this place. I’ve yet to go to a tea room that serves Puerh. What fun!

24 06 2008

The puerh was excellent! I’d never heard of it before. Our server said that it’s only ever sold as a loose tea, but Numi is about to come out with puerh tea bags. Yum!

26 06 2008

Oh, I love Numi tea. And I didn’t realize that was so close to me. I’m going to have to haed down to Oakland one of these days to ‘get lost’ and find it myself. Thanks for the tip!

26 06 2008
Diane J

Numi Tea is not only delicious, as a company its one of the Bay Area’s best corporate citizens — often contributing to wonderful not-for-profit events, sponsoring cool events, etc. One of my favorite tea places is The Samovar Tea Lounge at Yerba Buena Gardens in the city. It’s absolutely delicious, sitting outside on a beautiful balmy SF day.

26 06 2008

Hey Diane – That’s great to know about Numi! Someone else wrote me when they saw this post and said that Numi donates tea to the nonprofit where they work. So more props for Numi! BTW, if anyone wants to see their products, visit

1 07 2008
More on Numi… « Spirit In The City

[…] on Numi… 1 07 2008 Last week I posted about my visit to the Numi Tea Garden.  On Sunday there was a great article in the Chronicle’s Sunday Magazine about the […]

21 07 2008

I’ve seen this place a couple of times when driving home from East Oakland to downtown Oakland, and was wondering whether it really was a tea place or just a warehouse of sorts! Great to know it really is what I thought it might be, and I’m definitely going to go check it out — thanks for the tip!

21 07 2008

Hey Genie – Make sure you Mapquest it before you go… what you see from the highway IS the warehouse. The tearoom is a block or two away…

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