The Castro Theater

19 06 2008

the castro theater


A film at The Castro Theater is rarely just a film.  A few weeks ago I saw Indiana Jones.  Mind you, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it anywhere else, but since it was at The Castro it had a stamp of approval.  I knew that even if the movie sucked (it did), I’d have a great time (I did) and wouldn’t mind so much (I didn’t). 

Seeing a film at The Castro is one of those precious San Francisco-only experiences!  Where else can you see a film – whether blockbuster, old classic, obscure art film, foreign flick or animation – where what you get before the show, instead of advertising and previews, is LIVE WURLITZER ORGAN MUSIC??! The atmosphere feels just about right for an organ. Built in 1922, it’s cavernous compared to today’s theaters, and has beautiful touches like a curtain that opens dramatically at the beginning of a show, grand painting and plaster murals, a balcony and a chandelier. A few months ago, Hollywood restored the exterior to its 1970s glory for the filming of the movie “Milk,” starring Sean Penn and set to open in time for Thanksgiving this year.

One of my all-time favorite Castro Theater events (some might call them films, but many really are events) was the Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long, complete with a costume contest. I had so many favorites – marionette goats, people draped in curtains, Castro-style nuns… 

The Castro Theater also hosts tons of film festivals, which San Francisco is famous for. Tonight kicks off Frameline, the 32nd annual SF International LGBT Film Festival.  See you there?


What’s your favorite Castro movie experience?



5 responses

19 06 2008

A movie that is the most inspiring of my life is Soul Masters: The Movie-It should come to the Castro. The story of two Chinese Masters of Healing and i mean Masters of healing. The diseases that have healed the teachings that they use to help others do what they do is amazing. Go to and find the movie -you can purchase it or ask your local theatre to carry it. If you or someone else is sick in your family or world – don’t miss this. It can very literally save your life

20 06 2008
Elka Vera

I love Sing-Along Sound of Music. It’s quite an experience. Definitely, the Castro Theater is an SF cultural landmark. Thanks for including it!

23 06 2008
ingrid jungermann

can’t wait to visit the casto and the city. our short film is premiering there at frameline, so we’ll be there. you should come check it out if you get a chance. sat, jan. 18 at 3:30pm.

23 06 2008
ingrid jungermann

sorry, i meant june 28th. 🙂

23 06 2008

Congrats, Ingrid! Sounds like fun!

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