5 06 2008


When I went to Spork last weekend, I thought, “Ah.  Another hip, sleek, new restaurant in the Mission – probably pretty good, but not blog-worthy.”  Boy, was I wrong!


I LOVE SPORK!!  First off, the food was excellent.  My friends and I talked about it all night, and then we talked about it some more for a few days afterwards.  We’ll probably talk about it tonight and tomorrow, too.  Spork serves local, fresh, natural and sustainably farmed and wild foods whipped up into modern and delicious interpretations of American classics.


Second, it is such a funny place!  The owners took over the old KFC at the corner of Valencia and 22nd. They completely remodeled and the KFC part is not recognizeable, but it’s definitely not a totally irrelevant fact.  If you pay attention, little details start to pop out. An old KFC sign hangs over the door to the old walk-in freezer that now serves as a beverage station. Old fast food kitchen fixtures elegantly decorate the dining room. Water is poured out of old orange-rimmed decaf coffee pots. And they serve some of their dishes with sporks. Of course.


Did you know that KFC invented the spork so people could eat their cole slaw and mashed potatoes with the same utensil? 


And here’s a little tidbit from Spork itself: “As far as making up for Colonel Sanders’ legacy, we’ve decided to give the birds a break and not serve chicken.”


Gotta love it.


What places do you know that have been completely reinvented, yet highlight – or even play with – the history of the place?




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