Fire! Fire! The Crucible

3 06 2008

Blacksmithing (


Last year my sister, Amy, took me to see “Romeo and Juliet” – only this was a special production: a fire opera at The Crucible! 


What is a fire opera?  Basically, a production choreographed with all the pyrotechnics you can imagine on a stage… flames shooting out of everything, a wave of fire ascending the stair banister, burning poi at around the edge of a whirling dervish’s skirt. It was fabulous!


Who would do such a thing? 


The Crucible is a huge converted warehouse in Oakland where lovers of the “fire arts” create, practice, teach, learn and play. They offer classes in glass blowing, jewelry making, blacksmithing, foundry, neon and light, welding, kinetics, and many other things.


They also host special events for the public, like the annual fire opera, and the Fire Arts Festival (this year it will be July 9-12).  Here are some pictures from the open house my friend Nicole took me to last week.


What do you have a secret — or not-so-secret — desire to make with fire?



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