Post #1 – Thank you, Flora Grubb

2 06 2008





A few weeks ago my friend Pamela sent me to a new place she loves called Flora Grubb Gardens.  She insisted I had to go.  I took the 10-minute drive down industrial Bayshore Boulevard, took a right on Jerrold to drive through the City’s produce warehouses, and just past the waste treatment plant, near the corner of 3rd Street in Bayview, I found a little slice of funky heaven.


Flora Grubb is a new-ish nursery/garden shop with beautiful plants, colorful pots from around the world, and inspiring outdoor furniture and decorations.  Inside, there is a gift shop that carries everything from stylish gardening hats to bronze-covered things that fell off trees to plant-themed jewelry. And – a huge draw – there’s a Ritual Coffee Roasters kiosk inside, which means you can get your coffee or tea and wander the grounds, plopping down wherever you feel like it.


My favorite “moment” – a junky old car in the corner with bountiful gardens emerging from under the hood, the front seat, and the trunk.  A tall one pokes through a hole in the roof. Even with real garbage in the back seat, it manages to add to the class and wonder of the place.


This adventure got me thinking… I don’t REALLY need to take a big vacation right now.  I can just start getting out more, visiting spots that make me happy, like Flora Grubb did.  So let’s go!


How this will work: together we create a community that hunts down and revels in powerful, juicy, funky, fun spots and experiences in and around San Francisco. They might be well-known or off the beaten track, indoors or out, free or not-so-free. Your part: write in with your ideas!  Send photos and videos! Tell us your stories of the places you see here. And get out there and play!


What are YOUR favorite “hidden gems” in San Francisco?  Tell us a story about them!



One response

4 06 2008

This is great! I love the idea of “stay-cationing” in this City that has so much to offer. I’ve never heard of this place and look forward to checking it out.

Such a great blog – can’t wait to read more!!

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